Andrew Garfield on Sugarscape (x)

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Andrew Garfield on Sugarscape (x)

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Carey Price and Patrice Bergeron awaiting their gold medals

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i need everyone to bear with me for a minute:

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IT WRITES ITSELF!! - STEVE ROGERS CHEERLEADING CAPTAIN - THE CHEERS AREALREADY THERE - I SAY HAIL YOU SAY HYDRA HAIL HYDRA HAIL HYDRA - A V E N G E R S ASSEMBLE - TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT WHO DO WE APPRECIATE GOOOOOO SHIELD - i'm clapping it out in my room IRL and it works it works oh my god - jesus save me - i can't get over Steve Rogers Cheerleading Captain - because he basically already is - NOBODY BELIEVES IN YOU AS MUCH AS STEVE ROGERS BELIEVES IN YOU!!! - captain america - fanfic - AU - why is thi shappeneing -
What if these two [Steve and Natasha] are smart enough to know that it would never work out between them? It really plays out as more of a work-wife/work-husband relationship. And yeah, of course there’s sexual tension between them, but I think she’s more interested in pulling him into the modern world and try to help him find that identity he was looking for.

the Russos re: Steve and Nat in Cap 2 [x] (via philcoulson)

When I saw the movie, I definitely read the vibe between Steve and Natasha as primarily platonic - there was a moment when i think they each mentally tried on the idea, then went, “That would be fun for two hours and then turn into an unmitigated disaster.”

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[laughs] bucky barnes [laughs more] bucky barnes [laughter becomes strained] bucky…. barnes…. [laughter starts to dissolve into tears] bucky… [slowly sinks to the floor] ……. barnes……. [presses face into hands] bucky barnes

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AU ideas!


➸ gets into a cab only to find someone else already inside AU
out walking their dog who starts chasing after the other person’s dog AU
cat/dog runs away and other person finds it AU
mistaken identity AU
pen pals AU
sit next to each other in orchestra AU
partners in (literal) crime AU (theft? fraud? hacking? murder?)
partners in dance class AU
trapped on a deserted island together AU
wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
protester and police officer AU
lab partners AU
new neighbors AU
one’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice AU
hair stylist/make up artist and actor/model AU
bffs when they were little but one moved away and they run into each other again AU
mailman(/woman) and person who receives a lot of mail AU
private detective and client AU
➸ archaeologist AU
paramedic AU
runaway royalty and confused commoner AU
android and human AU
ghosts in love AU
go to the same support group AU
just keep running into each other everywhere AU
orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer AU
younger siblings are best friends AU
photographer and model AU
writer and editor AU
immortal and non-immortal AU
➸ screenwriter and director AU
greek god and roman counterpart AU

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all the words are gonna bleed from me
and i will think no more
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OH MY GODDDDDDDDDd - klll me - bucky barnes breakdown 2k14 - i'm going to die - i'm actively dead -
And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you and I’d choose you.

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